Reducing Cholesterol without Drugs: How it can be Done

In recent times, cardiovascular diseases have ranked as chief killer in the world. Even more threatening is the fact that high cholesterol level, which is commonly diagnosed in people nowadays, is largely associated with the incidence of such heart diseases. Elevated cholesterol levels even increase the chances of developing ailments as strokes. A huge contributor to this cholesterol infestation going on in the world is the content of the diet consumed by people; diets that have high contents of saturated fats, the activity of smoking, and careless nutritional living.

A number of dugs exist that are employed in the treatment of harmful levels of cholesterol in humans. A famous one of these drugs is HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitor, also called Statins. There are many variations of drugs that perform the similar function of trimming down the cholesterol levels for people that have excess cholesterol in their bodies. Statins not only drops the level of excess useless cholesterol, it enhances more synthesis of the good cholesterol.

Indeed, drugs such as Statins no doubt are invaluable in the reduction of cholesterol levels; there are alternative approaches to achieving the same result. One key way is through engaging in exercises. Living a balanced life that incorporates exercises and other physical activities goes a long way to regulate the rate of blood circulation and thus blood pressure, check weigh-gaining, and control the sugar level of the blood.

Also as much as roughly 30% of body cholesterol levels can be trimmed off by suitable diet; diets that are low in cholesterol content. By adopting such diet efficiently, your body system would experience the same effects, in terms of cholesterol reduction, as when you are on medications such as Statins.

Fibrous foods are great also in cutting down on body cholesterol levels, they do this by precisely 7%.
So if you are unsure what kinds of food to consume in order to reduce the cholesterol levels of your body, consider food that are extremely low or totally lacking of unprocessed fats, nuts, barley and oats, and generally fibrous foods and diets that are garnished with soy protein. Eat lots of fruits and veggies, and consume the Omega-3 fats that are sourced from sea animals. If you stick to this sort of diet, in a short while, you would find that the unhealthy cholesterol level in your body has dropped significantly.

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