Yeast Infection Remedies – Oxygen Therapies

Oxygen remedies as yeast infection treatments (ozone, hydrogen peroxide, dioxychlor, and Coenzyme Q10) are very effective natural antifungal remedies, the therapy of choice in chronic, intractable instances of systemic fungal infections as well as in my opinion, superior to most prescription antifungal medications.

In the last ten years, oxygen treatments such as ozone, hydrogen peroxide, Coenzyme Q10, liquid-stabilized oxygen, along with other oral nutritional supplements have gained credibility and prominence. Oxygen therapies are really contentious.

Many doctors and clinics that provide them at the USA and Canada are forced out of practice by government agencies. The motives are political, not scientific or medical. If you’d like ozone or hydrogen peroxide remedies in the USA or Canada, do not call your health care doctor, who can’t lawfully use ozone treatment. Rather, call a naturopathic doctor and ask them to name the rare few who utilize ozone therapy as yeast infection remedies ; subsequently call your travel agent.

For almost a century, the two treatments are used across the world by traditional and other medical physicians, in oral, rectal, vaginal, intramuscular, and intravenous types as yeast infection treatments .

If ozone is inhaled in massive amounts, it may be poisonous. Overdoses (past the typical therapeutic doses) of hydrogen peroxide or ozone may lead to nausea, nausea, indigestion, nausea, coughing, and chest discomfort, asthma, nausea, and headaches.

Together with environmental pollutants such as petrochemical hydrocarbons, ozone may irreversibly harm lung and other body tissues. The exact same is true of hydrogen peroxide, water, oxygen, and’m additional nutritional supplements. To say “ozone is poisonous” or “hydrogen peroxide is poisonous” is nearly as absurd as saying “water is poisonous.” Toxicity is an issue of degree. It’s a biochemical actuality that the body produces its own hydrogen peroxide under specific conditions. For ozone, hydrogen peroxide, oxygen, and water to turn into toxic, large amounts-far greater than the advised KM I utilized in therapy-would need to get consumed through yeast infection treatments.

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