Have you checked the pelican carbon series of water filters?

Have you checked the pelican carbon series of water filters?

May 24, 2021 Off By Joe

Durable, efficient, and cost-efficient and these are what embodies pelecaniform seabird Carbon Series filter systems. Each provides great-tasting drops of water and permits you to fancy freshman baths daily. You will notice that these carbon series of water filter systems are one of the top rated whole house water filters.

The water filters are being certain to destroy chloramines, sediment, herbicides, pesticides, bacteria, prescription drugs, industrial diluents, and many alternative impurities. They are doing not filter halide since pelecaniform seabird sells separate halide filters. Carbon Series recommends an operating temperature of thirty-six to one hundred twenty and an operative pressure of twenty-five to eighty PSI.

The sediment pre-filter needs replacement each six to 9 months right away once you notice the water starts to scale back speed. The tank media, on the opposite hand, could solely like a replacement every 5 years.

Features of these carbon series

You will get certified material to filtrate

The filter is straightforward in style however, terribly operative for contaminants of any type. The element is an independent agency certified to boost water quality. So, you’ll be able to drink and use it for housekeeping.

It is designed from quality chrome steel you’ll be able to fancy for extended. The unit is designed with no sewer water. Pelecaniform seabird functions with no electricity which means you’ll be able to avoid high energy bills.

You will get a 4-Stage filtration methodology

The Pelican carbon series undergoes four stages of filtration method to wipe out 9% of microorganisms. The primary stage could be a 5-micron pre-filter system, wherever it reduces silt, wastes, sand, and residues. Granular C media removes contaminants and chemicals. It’ll then be followed by a pelecaniform seabird media guard, that minimizes the expansion of alga and bacterium. For the last filtration cycle, it uses an ultraviolet illumination system to kill harmful microbes.