Here is how to balance PH levels in the body

Here is how to balance PH levels in the body

January 8, 2023 Off By Joe

The pH level of a substance is an indication of its acidity or basicity. Learning how to balance PH levels in the body can be essential for maintaining your health. With that in mind, we’ve put together this article on everything you need to know about pH levels and their various effects on our bodies. We’ll also provide some tips for helping you find your level of wellness within 5 easy steps. 


Step 1: Learn about the basics of pH levels. 

The first step to understanding how to balance PH levels in the body is learning what pH is and why it’s essential for our general health.


pH stands for “potential of hydrogen” and measures how acidic or basic a substance is. A pH level can be calculated on the pH scale, which ranges from 0-14. At its high end (the top), the pH level of pure water is neutral, with a reading of 7. The lower back (the bottom) is acidic. By contrast, the level at which an alkaline substance becomes neutral has no name; however, it’s known as the “zenith” or “neutral” point. Learn how to balance PH levels in the body.


The acidity scale goes from 1-14. At the lower end of the scale, acids are solid and corrosive, while at the top, they are weak and cannot conduct electricity. The following are examples of some common everyday items and their pH levels:


0-6.9 – Battery acid (very acidic)


7 – Neutral (pure water)


7-14 – Acids – citrus fruits (pH ~3), vinegar (pH~2), lemon juice (pH~2)


7.1-14 – Bases – ammonia solution (~ pH 7.5), baking soda (~ pH 8.4), household ammonia (~ pH 9.5)


7.1-14 – Waters of various types – ocean water (pH 7.2), most rainwater (pH 5.5), distilled water (pH 6.5)


The pH scale is logarithmic, making each increase or decrease of one unit represent a 10x change in the amount of hydrogen in that substance. In other words, something with a pH level of 4 is ten times more acidic than something with 5 as its pH level, and 100 times more acidic than something with a 6 as its pH level.


In order to balance your pH levels in the body, you need to ensure that you have the proper amount of hydrogen ions in your body. Our bodies produce hydrogen ions as a by-product of digestion, respiration, and metabolism. They’re released into our blood when food breaks down, and we breathe. However, our bodies typically only produce about 3 hydrogen ions for every 1 atom of oxygen in our bodies. Making sure we have enough hydrogen ions is essential for maintaining good health.