How Long Should You Wait Before Reconciling With an Ex?

How Long Should You Wait Before Reconciling With an Ex?

February 14, 2023 Off By Joe

It is said that one should allow a bit of time to themselves and to their partner after a breakup, the no-contact rule applies even if you miss her and want her back but what is the right amount of time that you should allow the other person before contacting her, while every person might have different views on it, the experts believe that there is a time which is just right and that is the exact window where you should pounce, reconciling with an ex girlfriend isn’t as simple as it might seem, one has to behave in a certain way and make the right choices to bring her back, remember she isn’t with you anymore and you have to come to terms with that first of all.


The time you allow yourself to recover and distant yourself from your ex partner is the time you should contemplate on what went wrong and if you two want to get all of it back together, you would have your answer but the question how would you know if she want to get things patched up especially if you are not contacting her, while you develop yourself and regain that lost confidence and work on your mistakes, you should always make the first move at the right time and their response would tell you everything about their answer, make sure you don’t go excessive with all your shenanigans and cheeky little details because that is not the time for it, but keep it precise and somehow take her by surprise.

Although you would want it to be a nice surprise but allow her the time to think and consider everything before she makes a decision and don’t be hasty because that could kill all your effort.