How to Become a Champagne Connoisseur

How to Become a Champagne Connoisseur

December 13, 2022 Off By Joe

Champagne is synonymous with celebrations, festivities, and the sparkling life. The idea of drinking champagne is often associated with wealth and success, but it’s important to know that more than just a drink can be flaunted by showing off your knowledge of this amazing beverage. Here are some tips on how to become a true Exclusive champagnes at shopsk:

Know the types of Champagne

Champagne comes in many different types and the only way to get a true idea of what you will like is by trying them all. The main type of champagne that people are familiar with is the sparkling champagne or, as it is known, the ‘brut’. It has a light body and slightly dry taste. Its gold color and effervescent nature makes it a good drink for any occasion.

Know the difference between brut and extra dry

There’s a big difference between brut and extra dry. Brut and extra dry are the same but with different labeling. Because of this, you may find some sparkling wines labeled as brut instead of extra dry. The taste is the same but it is more commonly known as ‘brut’.

Know your champagne labels

There are many different types of labeling when it comes to sparkling wine. For example, a wine can be labeled with a word called the ‘méthode champenoise’. This means that it is made by a method that dates back to the 1730s and it has been used in Champagne since then.

Know your champagne regions

Many people are familiar with champagne, but only a few are familiar with its different types. The major regions where the sparkling wine is produced include Champagne, Italy, Spain, and France. These regions have varying soil types and climates, which end up making their own signature brand of sparkling wine.