The Recruitment and Selection Process of Employees in a Techno Company

The Recruitment and Selection Process of Employees in a Techno Company

October 17, 2022 Off By Joe

Education is more important to human life. That is not only helping people to live with morals and to follow ethics where to earn money through various professions. Of course, nowadays a vast number of field is established due to people’s needs and also technology development. Hence a lot of courses have been introduced in line with that. So the people who are educated and get experience with that may get the job in the respective field. But almost all people are aware of this and they are started to learn the courses that are hotter currently. For example, in the pandemic field if we look out almost all the fields were affected more but only three fields have survived well and those are pharma, IT, and also the consumer market. So the demand for this has increased and people are focusing to learn the skills on this.

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There are plenty of graduates and skilled persons out each and every year. But all of them are getting jobs? The answer to this question is no. why? Because, though they have degrees and the respective skills they should be to the expected level of the company expected. If not definitely they will not consider a person to recruit in the company. Then what the graduates should do to get the job? They have to identify the field in which they are interested and should start to learn and improve their skills in that both theoretically and practically. Though they are having skills personally they have to learn to work as a team also. Fine, all the technical aspects are fulfilled then will they get the job? Still, some lagging has existed because a job is not technically oriented and a person should have wider skills to manage the work and team. That kind of requirement is also a must to get the job.

Usually, the companies will hire a consultant that provides the recruitment and selection service servicio de reclutamiento y seleccion to recruit the employees by conducting interviews. They are having a certain interview procedure for the selection. Commonly they will conduct a written test that has two major parts where one is technical and the other is logical and reasoning. This is for initial screening. Then they may conduct a group discussion to ensure communication skills. Finally, they may interview them about the technical aspects. By successfully completing all these one may get the job and that too depends on the number of vacancies the company has.