Why Leaf Guards Matter for Your Roof Protection

Why Leaf Guards Matter for Your Roof Protection

August 22, 2022 Off By Joe

Roof gutters have an important role to play in your home as they direct water away from the home’s foundation. It is unfortunate though that gutters are also notorious for gathering debris from outdoors such as twigs, dry leaves, bird’s nests, and others that may require an annual cleanup to remove. You certainly don’t want to climb the ladder and scoop dry leaves and other natural elements. To avoid this task, you can have a professional set up leaf guards for gutters including the downspout system.

Most new homes include this, but old homes may be installed with leaf guards as well. Let’s take a closer look at the various benefits of putting up leaf guards on your gutters.

Reduces the cleaning difficulty and frequency

The majority of the uncovered gutters need cleaning up at least once a year. With leaf guards installed, the cleanup may be pushed to 3 up to 5 years. The homeowner can save up on several aspects: time, labor, aggravation, and when cleaning is outsourced, money.

leaf guards for gutters

Reduces the possibility of rust and decay

When your metal or wood gutters collect water-soaked debris, they are likely to deteriorate faster. Leaf guards can protect your gutters from debris and rot. Furthermore, wet vegetation may also become too heavy and distort the shape of your gutter. It may even pull the gutter away from the main structure.

Being able to deliver clean collected water

Some people who are eco-conscious collect rainwater in barrels for it to be used in several household chores. The water runoff from the gutter that has been protected by leaf guards is cleaner compared to the rainwater that comes from an unprotected system.

Prevents fire

When you live in places with dry climates, gutters that are filled with debris can start a fire anytime. Remember that even the embers from a barbecue grill may float through the air, which may cause dry leaves and twigs to start a fire. Leaf guards for gutters prevent this from happening.

Prevents Rodent and Insect Infestations

Gutter guards may prevent vermin and insects like birds, squirrels, mice, bats, spiders, and mosquitoes from making your gutter its breeding place. In other words, gutter guards can reduce the amount of collected water in your gutter. And because of this, it won’t be appealing for such vermins and pests to make your gutter their breeding ground. The leaf guards also function as a physical barrier for rodents, possums, and birds. These may find their way around the fascia boards and get into your roof space.